List of sites to visit


The Roman amphitheatre


The Roman amphitheatre (or arena) in Nîmes is the best-conserved of the Roman world. It was used for hunting wild animals and for gladiator combats from the end of the first century AD onwards. Many events are held there today.


Maison Carrée


Built at the very beginning of our era and dedicated to Caius and Lucius Cesar, the adopted son and grandson of the Emperor Augustus, the Maison Carrée was part of the forum, the economic and administrative heart of the Roman town. THE MAISON C...


Tour Magne


Visible from a distance, it indicated the presence of the city and of the Imperial temple located at the foot of the hill around the spring. It was the highest and most prestigious tower of the Roman town.


Abbatiale de Saint-Gilles


Built at the end of the 12th century, the abbey church is a real architectural jewel. In the past, it was very popular with pilgrims from all over the world. Today, the monument is listed as a World Heritage Site as part of the "Pilgrimage Route t...


Bull Museum Henriette et Claude Viallat


Opened in may 2002, this shows visitors the traditions of bullfighting that are firmly anchored in Nîmes.


Carré d'Art Jean Bousquet


A contemporary "temple" facing the ancient Temple, Carré d'Art Jean Bousquet was designed by the famous architect Lord Norman Foster. It houses libraries, a media library, a museum and a documentation centre, like the Pompidou Centre.